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Craig Stoller, DC

Dr. Stoller grew up in West Bloomfield Michigan and attended Detroit Country Day School. He received a BA in Microbiology from Ohio Wesleyan University. While his interest in health care started at a very young age, it was in college that his passion for human function, body structure, and athletics came to the forefront.

Dr. Stoller has always believed the body was designed to be healthy if proper function is restored and maintained through balanced structural alignment.  Upon learning about Chiropractic and its relationship to human performance, he decided to attend Life University College of Chiropractic in Atlanta and graduated in 2002 with honors.

His long history of playing sports competitively from a very young age, including hockey at Life University where he was a member of two ACHA national championship teams, has enhanced his passion to help athletes of all levels achieve their highest potential.    

After practicing in Farmington Hills for 10 years, Dr. Stoller spent time in Vermont to learn advanced chiropractic with an emphasis on posture, neurology, and the relationship between the two in respect to good health, structural correction, and peak performance.  He looks forward to sharing his knowledge of chiropractic and his passions with all the people he has the opportunity to work with.